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    VAntec MRK-103F EZ Swap HDD Rack

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    Price:  R86.00

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    vantec ( oem by icydock ) EZ-Swap MRK-103F, White/beige, aluminum , for IDE HDD , 40mm rear cooling fan, keylock, hdd access/power indicator - inner tray compatiable with iCYDOCK MB452UK

    Vantec EZ-Swap removable hard drive racks allow users to add inexpensive and easy protection to critical data on IDE hard drives.  Just simply enjoy the convenience of swappable drives that Vantec EZ Swap removable hard drive rack brings to you.   

    What is Hard Drive Mobile Rack?

    HDD mobile rack is a device allows you to transfer hard drive from one system to another.  Most people wish that their computer at home would be the same as the computer at work. They could have access to all their same files and programs; and also be able to have their own personal settings and wallpaper intact. However, transferring hard drives is a painstaking task, which factors in data protection and also security. The solution to this seems to be the introduction of removable hard drive racks, where a user can take out the hard drive stored in the rack and put it into another computer which contains a hard drive rack.

    Why Choose Vantec EZ Swap Mobile Rack?

    Vantec EZ Swap made by aluminum casing with a rear fan to dissipate heat faster.  It is compatible with IDE drives up to ATA 133 MB per second data transfer rate.  Secure key lock design to protect your personal data.  MRK-102FD has LCD display with fan-fail and over-heat alarm features.  EZ Swap is an excellent removable device protects your hard drive and personal data.  It is sure to change the way you transfer massive amount of data from one to another.    


    • IDE Interface
    • Aluminum Casing
    • Easy 3 Steps Key Lock
    • Support ATA 133 MB/Sec Data Transfer rate
    • 40mm Rear Cooling Fan
    • Power/HDD Access Indicator
    • 3 Years Warranty


    • MRK-103F
    • 5.25" Drive Bay
    • 40 Pin IDE
    • 133MB/Sec (support ATA133)
    • 40(W) x 40(H) x 10(D) mm
    • One
    • LED Light
    • Plastic & Aluminum Alloy
    • 148.0 x 42.0 x 235.5 mm
    • 740.0 g

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