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    Sunix RS232 surge protector

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    Sunix RSP1000 serial/RS232 surge protector - prevent RS-232 electrical equipment from power surges and spikes

    SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector is an appliance designed to prevent damage to your electrical equipment from power surges and spikes. It contains avalanche diodes, one for each line. All diodes are returned to a ground stud. SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector is provided with a 2-foot ground wire and has male and female DB9 connectors. SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector built-in PTC thermal fuse ensure instantaneous reaction to lightning strikes and wiring faults. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power can not reach your equipment. Unlike the SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector, most surge suppressors continue to let power through even after circuits have been damaged, leaving your equipment exposed to other damaging surges. SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector's fail safe, which means that once the circuit of an SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector has been compromised the unit disconnects equipment from the power supply ensuring that no damaging surges reach your equipment. SUNIX RS-232 Surge Protector is a cost-efficient solution to the problem of potential equipment damage from induced transients on RS-232 COM ports of PC or laptops/notebook. Features Prevent your RS-232 electrical equipment from power surges and spikes. Extremely sensitive avalanche-diode technology. Each RS-232 data signal line built-in 600 Watt Peak Surge protectors. Maximum peal pulse current up to 14 amps / per line. Maximum clamping voltage up to 42 voltages / per line. Response time is less than 1.0 ns. Absolute network reliability. Simple installation at the port. Specifications Communication Mode: RS-232 Connector: DB9 Male and Female at each side Surge Protection and Filtering NM Surge Response Time: 1ns Peal Pulse Current: 14 amps / per line (Maximum) Clamping Voltage: 42 voltages / per line (Maximum) Data Lines Protected: RS-232 Signal TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, GND, RI Mechanical   Dimension: 75 (W) x 40 (D) x 22 (H) mm Ground Wire Cable Length: 600mm Material: ABS Weight: 85g Environment Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F) Operating Humidity: -5 to 95% RH Storage Temperature: -20 to 85 C (-4 to 185 F) Approval RoHS, CE, FCC ClassB

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