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    Lian Li PC-V351 Desktop / HTPC Chassis - Red - No PSU

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    Price:  R1,626.00

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    Lian-li pc-V351 , Red , No psu , right/left side-accessed 5.25 d

    Lian Li - The Ultimate Craft

    Quality is one of the key elements of Lian Li's products. Lian Li has been manufacturing in Taiwan for more than 20 years and through continual self revision has ensured that the product's quality meets Lian Li's high quality workmanship standards. Lian Li manufactures each unit of Lian Li product with precision and care. They are then distributed to worldwide channels where many leading media have applauded and awarded Lian Li for both innovative and decisive designs, featuring good looks, and exemplary performance.

    With the most advance facilities and techniques, each unit is hand built with extreme accuracy to within 0.2mm. Some aspects of production cannot be replicated by machines and so the delicate touches of true craftsmen have become the finishing touches that users have come to know and love throughout the world Each unit goes through strict examinations and tests to ensure the product's quality is way above standard.

    Lian Li is famous for their aluminum products. Aluminum is good for heat transfer, and after Lian Li's unique surface treatments to ensure there are no shape edges which may cut user's hands. The beauty of Lian Li is that everything within the case is recyclable; thereby ensuring every Lian Li case is made from environmentally friendly material.   LIAN LI - Excellent Design

    Before starting a products design, Lian Li engineers research more about what end-users want and need. The subsequent enhancement of user friendly features ensures Lian Li users have a pleasant experience with the high standard improvements and high quality construction. That is why Lian Li will always be a leading brand in the IT industry.   Lian Li designers combine modern functionality with simple lines and a classic simple theme. The external parts combine with hair line brushed anodized finishing with a metallic look to create the traditional theme expected from Lian Li.   Internal structures are in a unique modular design, with everything arranged and designed to comply with end-users needs making Lian Li products user friendly as well as beautiful. There are no sharp edges inside the cases so users don't need to worry about cutting their hands on jagged metal edges. The thermal dynamics are considered extensively and every consideration is put into the design to ensure the complete system can working at a lower temperature while still remaining relatively quiet.

    Lian Li Fine Craftmanship Product

    Handcrafted with high quality alumium sheet materal, with one line of diamond cut, it is a simple, minimalism design art work.   Motherboard tray can be easy slide out of the chassis, user don't need to work in a narrow space inside the case.

    PC-V351 is designed for your living room, it can fit a standard Micro ATX system into this tiny chassis and a standard ATX P/S2 power supply, still has good performance of thermal system.   Silent Performance

    Lian Li designer looks into detail, PC-V351 has equipped anti-vibration kit on the chassis, to absorb the noise. Like the EMI spring, it absorb the vibration, and the top cover still easy to remove and close.   There are four high quality aluminum case stands, it not only looks good, it also has rubber pads to absorb the vibration, and prevent scretch to the equipment under. 

    To reduce the vibration from HDD,Lian Li included HDD anti-vibration kit which is�using the rubber ring to absorb the virbration to reduce the noise.

    To reduce the vibration from fans,Lian Li included fan anti-vibration kit which is�using the rubber ring to absorb the virbration to reduce the noise.

    Thermal Solution

    Aluminum can remove heat four times faster than steel, therefore PC-V351's aluminum alloy chassis can help system to stay in cooler temperature, to extend the componet's lifecycle.

    PC-V351 equipped two 120mm intake fans, with low-RPM and high air flow, the fan is extremely silent and can bring a good volume of air from outside the case, keep the system cool.   There is a 80mm exhaust fan at the rear of the chassis.The fan is extremely silent and can exhaust the hot air out of the system

    The openings on the bottom of the HDD cage to allow the air to cool the HDD.

    The PCI bracket with vent holes for extra cooling to PCI add-on cards.

    There is a 120mm fan on the top cover, exhaust the hot air out of the system to keep the hot air out of the system. 140mm intake fan fitted in the fornt of the chassis to input cool air through the HDD racks, and feed the cool air to the system, exhausted out by the PSU.   User Friendly Design

    User can choose where their optical facing to, there are opening for 5.25" and 3.5" at the right and left hand side of the case.

    Multi-media ports' connectors follow international specification standard, with one connector for easy installation

    Audio supports HD Audio and AC97 Audio design for batter compatibility, all I/O ports on the side panel, allow for easy access.

    Front intake Fan mounted with Lian Li Patented anti-vibration screws, To release the fan by push the fan outwards, handy for service the fan.

    There are special opennings for cable to pass through different zones, and the openning has fitted with protection kit to avoid sharp edge damage user's hand or cut the wires.

    All the connector are following the Intel standard, therefore it is easy to use, read the motherboard users' manul first, to ensure the motherboard's setting are same as Intel standard before plug in the connectors.

    There is a 5.25" to 3.5" converter kit for user who want to use external 3.5" device.

    Model PC-V351 
    Case Type Desktop / HTPC 
    Dimensions  279mm x 262mm x 373mm (W,H,D) 
    Front bezel Material Aluminum 
    Color Silver / Black / Red / Blue / Gray / Gold 
    Side Panel Aluminum 
    Body Material Aluminum 
    Net Weight  3.63kg 
    5.25" drive bay (External)
    3.5" drive bay (External) 1 ( Using 1 x 5.25) 
    3.5" drive bay (Internal)
    Expansion Slot
    Motherboard Micro ATX / Mini ITX 
    System Fan (Front) 120mm Fan x 2 (1000RPM) 
    System Fan (Top)  
    System Fan (Rear) 80mm Fan x 1 (1200RPM) 
    I/O Ports USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394 x 1, HD+AC97 Audio 

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