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    Icy Dock MB228MGC HDD Cooler + Panel

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    Price:  R99.00

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    iCYDOCK MB228MGC bodyguard , silver - 5.25 universal HDD cooler ( ide/sata/scsi ) multi-function panel - 2 front USB 1x iEEE1394A 1x fan speed controller , aluminum , with redundant hdd fan for quiteness realibility , 3 temperature probe sensors , with Lcd display over-heat temp. audio alarm yellow LED - silver

    The MB228 Series multi-functional hard drive cooler combines hard drive cooling with various vital system controls to not just guard your hard drive environment but the system's as well. This durable, aluminum plus steel plated drive cooler comes with standard LCD display readout that can indicate three position temperatures using three temperature probe sensors that you may place them where you desire to such as the hard drive, the CPU, and the overall environment of your system. Other indications include device fan failure, hard drive activity/master or slave status and any overheating detected from the temperature probes. The front buttons are equipped for you to adjust the temperature that you wish to allow the each temperature probe to operate under. If temperature exceeds it, then both the visual & the audio alarms would indicate accordingly for your caution. Cooling of the hard drive is continuously provided by a set of redundant fans, if the default fan fails, the secondary fan will automatically pick up the job. And because the drive is elevated by four anti-vibration stabilizers, the air blown directly hits the bottoms of the drive to provide cooling where it's most essential and creates the most heat. The other multi-functions are equipped differently depending on your choice of needs such as system fan(s) control up to four VRs or USB & Firewire port outputs and they fan be hidden by the slidable face plate when not in use.   Suggested Applications:

    • High usage, overclocking, gaming systems needing intensive thermal control.

    Product Features: 

    • Drive Fit : 1 x 3.5" all interface drives
    • Device Fit : 1 x 5.25" device bay
    • Durable aluminum, steel plate built
    • LCD display readout w/ audio alarm
    • Three temperature probe sensors equipped standard
    • Fan controllers up to four and USB and Firewire port output multi-function options
    • Continuous cooling of drive utilizing redundant fan set
    • Four anti-vibration stabilizers to keep the data running steadily
    • Effortless and screw less drive installation using a latch to secure

    Item No.: Beige
    Drive Fit
    1 x 3.5" ATA 133, SATA I/II, SCSI
    Drive Bay
    1 x 5.25"
    Transfer Rate
    Based on hard drive
    Aluminum faceplate w/ steel plate body
    Drive Cooling
    1 x front side fan w/ 1 x rear side fan as back up
    Alarm Indication
    Audio & Visual
    LED Indication
    Real-time drive temp., Drive activity/overheat/MASTER/SLAVE status, Fan working/failure status, Device usage time record
    LED Display Color
    Bright yellow
    Hidden Panel Functions
    1 x system fan control, Temp. reading switch
    2 x USB2.0 ports, 1 x Firewire 400 port, Temp. reading switch
    4 x system fan controls, Temp. reading switc
    Dimension (L x W x H)
    148.0 x 42.0 x 184.0 mm
    1.45 lbs.

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