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  2. HDCVT 1x2 SDI Splitter

    Quickfind Code: 140995

    Product Discontinued

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    12 SDI splitter distributes allows 1 SDI, HDSDI or 3GSDI video source to 2 SDI/HDSDI/3GSDI displays simultaneously. This product builtin automatic identification and compatible with SDSDI, HDSDI, 3GSDI all format of SDI signal. It is the support 2.97Gbps bandwidth, and supports lossless transmission over long distances.


    • SDI input signal split to 2 SDI sink devices
    • Supports SDSDI(270Mb/s), HDSDI(1.485Gb/s), 3GSDI(2.97Gb/s) video format
    • Builtin cable equilibrium, clock recovery and drive
    • Supports resolutions up to 1920x108060Hz
    • Supports signal input and output distances of up to 300m for SD signals, 200m for HD signals and 100m for 3G signals
    • Supports 512V wide voltage input
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