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  2. Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD6770 1GB GDDR5 128-Bit Graphics Card

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    GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6770 - 1GB GDDR5, 128-Bit Memory Bus, PCI Express 2.0, 2x DVI, 1x HDMI, HDCP Compliant, Core: 775MHz / Memory: 4800MHz, DirectX 11, OpenGL, ATI AVIVO HD & Powerplay, ATI Eyefinity, ATI Crossfire - Win Vista / 7 Certified


    GPU Temperature 5%~10% down
    Ultra Durable VGA board provides dramatic cooling effect on lowering both GPU and memory temperature by doubling the copper inner layer of PCB. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA can lower GPU temperature by 5% to 10%.

    Overclocking Capability 10%~30% Up
    Ultra Durable VGA board reduces voltage ripples in normal and transient state, thus effectively lowers noises and ensures higher overclocking capability. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA graphic accelerators improve overclocking capability by 10% to 30%.

    Power Switching Loss 10%~30% Down
    Ultra Durable VGA board allows more bandwidth for electron passage and reduces circuit impedance. The less circuit impedance, the more stable flow of current and can effectively improve power efficiency. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA can lower power switching loss by 10% to 30%.

    Gold plated HDMI
    Gold plated, durable large contact area connectors have been used for optimum signal transfer between connections

    GIGABYTE custom-designed 10 cm cooler
    As opposed to the stereotype, GIGABYTE is able to maximize fan size to 10cm with the latest cooling design. With a 10cm fan, the card is virtually silent that its noise level runs much lower

    AMD Eyefinity
    Supporting multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, AMD Eyefinity technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience.

    Cross Fire
    Multiply and Conquer with Multi-GPU Performance:CrossFire’s “supertiling” GPU sharing speeds rendering by evenly dividing the graphics processing, intelligently alternating the rendering workload to each Radeon GPU for efficient load balancing, and optimized performance.CrossFire boosts image quality along with rendering speed, eliminating the need to crank down screen resolutions to get the high image quality you want.CrossFire supports a wide range of ATI-based graphics cards and motherboards, and offers compatibility with a broad array of third party components for a flexible and robust solution.

    Avivo HD
    Avivo could provide vibrant high fidelity, flawlessly smooth next-generation video playback. Avivo technology easily allows your PCs to become digital home media center by its compelling video pipeline design that comprises the latest high definition video hardware acceleration, including H.264 and WMV9.

    Microsoft Window7
    Microsoft Windows 7 is the next generation operating system that will mark a dramatic improvement in the way the OS takes advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to provide a more compelling user experience. By taking advangate of the GPU for both graphics and computing, Windows 7 will not only make todays's PCs more visual and more interactive but also ensure that they have the speed and responsiveness customers want.

    RoHS Compliant
    As a citizen of the global village, GIGABYTE exert ourselves to be a pioneer in environment care. Give the whole of Earth a promise that our products do not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned by the RoHS Directive, and are capable of being worked on at the higher temperatures required for lead free solder. One Earth and GIGABYTE Cares!



    Radeon HD 6770



    Core Clock


    Shader Clock


    Memory Clock

    4000 MHz

    Process Technology


    Memory Size

    1 GB

    Memory Bus

    128 bit

    Card Bus

    PCI-E 2.1

    Memory Type






    PCB Form






    Digital max resolution

    2560 x 1600

    Analog max resolution

    2048 x 1536



    Card size

    H42mm x L205mm x W134 mm

    Power requirement

    450W (one 75W 6-pin PCI Express connector recommended)

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