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  2. Epson FX-890 - 566 / 680 cps - 10 / 12 cpi , 80 col,Parallel & U
    [EPSON FX890]

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    Product Discontinued

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    • - EPSON 9 pin 80 columns narrow carriage dot matrix printer
    • - Handles 1 original + 5 copies
    • - Prints up to 566 characters per second (10cpi) in ultra speed draft mode
    • - Flexible Top, Bottom, Front and Rear paper paths
    • - Standard with both Bi-directional parallel and USB interface

    The EPSON FX-890 dot matrix printer is built to offer faster printing, better reliability and flexible paper handling - in a stylish and compact design. It is perfect for users who want high performance at low cost.

    This printer is the fastest in its class, maximizing productivity with speeds up to 566cps at 10cpi. Flexibility is assured by handling up to 1 original and 5 copies (1+6 copies with pull tractor) and paper handling from the front, top, rear and bottom of the printer.

    The printer comes as standard with both Bi-directional parallel and USB interface. An EPSON Type B interface slot allows easy integration with a wide range of different connectivity options including a full range of network configurations.
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