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    Dark Souls II, Black Armour Edition, PC-DVD

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    Price:  R532.00

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    Return to the beautiful fantasy land of Aranna, a land scarred by civil war, where the lines between good and evil are blurred. As the courageous player, you must lead an elite battle party against Valdis, a vicious marauder determined to return the world to orderno matter what the cost.

    Elite battle party

    Choose your battle comrades carefully as you build a party of up to six members.

    Hero powers

    Each class now has access to unique Heroic Powers that are capable of turning the tide of battle, but these powers require wisdom and strategic timing.

    Powerful and unusual allies

    The packmule was just the start. You can now choose from a number of exotic creatures with special abilities that grow right alongside you.

    More dangerous enemies

    Face off against opponents whose power and tactical abilities rival your own.

    Interactive world

    Pitched battles rage everywhere, and you can turn special environments to your tactical advantageso you'll do well to pay heed to the world around you.

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