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  2. J5 Create Display USB3.0 DVI Adapter

    Quickfind Code: 104671

    Product Discontinued

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    Looking for an easy way to add a second monitor Lets get to multitasking The JUA330 USB 3.0 Display Adapter from j5 create works as an external video card, instantly allowing users to attach additional displays via an HDMI connection without the hassle of a lengthy setup or having to install additional internal hardware. The j5 create USB 3.0 Display Adapter can support up to four displays running on the same computer, turning your workstation into a fully functioning multi display powerhouse. This video over USB adapter works as an external video card, instantly allowing additional displays, without the hassle of opening the computer casing and installing an external graphic card. You can have your 2nd monitor with an extended display, a mirrored display, a rotational display (rotation mode not available for MAC), or make it your primary monitor.

    Product Highlights

    • Increase Efficiency/Productivity
    • Supports Display Resolution up to 2048x1152 32 bit
    • Primary, Extended or Mirror modes
    • Display Rotation Functionality: 90 degrees
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