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    Corsair SP120 Performance

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    Corsair Co-9050007-WW SP120 Performance - with white/blue/red color rings 120x120x25mm , advanced hydraulic bearing , 7 blades , rubber corners for noise reduction , 2350rpm , 35dBA , 62.74CFM , 3.1 mm/H2o static pressure

    Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition High Static Pressure 120mm Fan

    Air Series SP120: Improved heatsink and radiator performance, less noise The advanced design of the SP120 provides the higher static pressure that radiators and heatsinks demand, while maintaining a quiet noise profile. Seven ultra-wide, custom-molded blades deliver high static pressure, and the customized fan enclosure helps airflow move in the right direction. The rubber mounts and the advanced hydraulic bearing system combine high reliability with low-noise operation. Three included colored rings allow you to customize the look of the fan to match the rest of your hardware.

    SKU# CO-9050007-WW


    High Static Pressure for Efficient Cooling on Radiators or Heatsinks

    Cooling today's high-performance PCs is a complex task, and a single fan design can't meet every need. The fan you use to exhaust hot air out of your case might not be the best fan to mount flush against a heatsink or radiator.

    Static pressure is the measure of how well a fan can push air in this type of highly restrictive environment, and this is where the SP120 excels. It's an ideal solution for radiator and heatsink use, as well as drive bay intakes, and other locations where you're mounting a fan directly adjacent to a heat source.

    For high-volume cooling in less restrictive environments, like case exhaust or side intakes, check out our AF series of high-volume fans.



      SP120 High Performance Edition SP120 Quiet Edition
    Size 120mm x 25mm
    Operating Voltage 7V 12V
    Performance at 12V
    Airflow 62.74 CFM 37.85 CFM
    Static Pressure 3.1 mm/H20 1.29 mm/H20
    Sound Level 35 dBA 23 dBA
    Speed 2350 RPM 1450 RPM
    Power Draw 0.18 A 0.08 A

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