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    Bitfenix CLS-500-KKWG1 Colossus with Windowed side panel Case

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    Price:  R2,864.00

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    Introducing Colossus

    The PC chassis for the uncompromising enthusiast. Offering unmatched expandability, security, and cooling all wrapped up in a modern and elegant body, Colossus represents months of intensive research, product development, and meticulous design. The result is a chassis like no other; a chassis that serves as an ideal enclosure for the most colossal gaming rigs.

    BitFenix SofTouch Surface Treatment

    Colossus comes coated with signature BitFenix SofTouch. This proprietary surface treatment not only looks fantastic, but also lends a one-of-a-kind soft feel to the chassis itself. BitFenix SofTouch also helps resist fingerprints and stains, preserving the sleek look of your BitFenix chassis. Feel the BitFenix difference with SofTouch

    Newly-Designed Windowed Side Panel

    Angled to perfectly match the silhouette of Colossus Window, the windowed side panel lets you bring your installed hardware into the spotlight for the world to see. What's more, up to two additional 120mm fans can be installed on the side panel for added cooling.

    Ready for the Future

    The next generation of USB connectivity is here. Equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, Colossus allows you to connect an ever-growing number of USB 3.0 devices and experience data transfer speeds up to ten times that of USB 2.0. With USB 3.0 already built-in, Colossus can last you several upgrades, further future-proofing your system.

    Advanced LED Lighting System

    Perhaps the most striking feature of Colossus at first glance is the advanced LED lighting system. Not only is the light evenly distributed for a truly inspired look, but the LED color is also dual-mode, which means that users can switch between red and blue lighting with the touch of a button.


    *Bitfenix CLS-500-KKWG1 Colossus with Windowed side panel
    *Black with Green led ( Venom edition )
    *All black
    *With front door open to left or right
    *Top S3 security with lock ( for storage compartment + i/o port + peripherals cable )
    *Softouch surface treatment
    *No psu ( bottom placed + multi-direction psu design )
    *Tool-free pci slots design
    *2x usb 3.0
    *2x usb2.0
    *Audio in/out
    *4/5x 5.25"
    *1/0 3.5"
    *7x 3.5"/2.5" internal
    *All 3.5"+5.25" bay tool-free
    *2 x 230mm LED fan upto 7 with on/off switch

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