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    Asus 9290X - x2 Ares 3(iii)

    Quickfind Code: 101540

    Price:  R25,033.00

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    Asus RoG ARES3(iii)-8GD5 limited Edition ( dual R9290X ) - single slot design, water cooling ready, DIGI+ VRM 16-phase Super Alloy digital power, Japan-made black metallic capacitors - support XDMA CrossFire ( no external connectors required ), TrueAudio HDMi with dedicated PAP ( Programmable Audio Pipeline ) to reduce CPU load - 28nm, 8Gb 512bit 4 channel DDR5, 128RoPs, 640Gb/sec memory transfer ; 11264 GigaFLoPs, 352GT/s texture fill rate., 5632 stream processors, 352 texture unit, core clock : 1030mhz with boost ; memory : 5000mhz, DVi+HDMi+DisplayPort - require 8pin+6pin power connector - full retail pack

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